There’s always a catch when it comes to Virginia shellfish thanks to a robust commercial seafood industry all across the state. And because the majority of Virginia’s catch is being harvested by day boats, according to the Virginia Seafood and Virginia Marine Products Board, you have absolute assurance that it is always fresh (unless you specify frozen, of course).

But where can you buy Virginia shellfish – grown the aquacultured way – in your area?

The Virginia Seafood and Virginia Marine Products Board has a robust database you can explore based on your location. Click below to find fresh shellfish and aquaculture farmers near you.

Retail Chains that Sell Virginia Seafood:

About Virginia Shellfish


-sold live in the shell at approximately 3″ market size. Freshly shucked oysters can vary in size and quality from large select to small standards and are sold in pints, quarts or gallons (and frozen). The salinity levels of Virginia waters creates varied tastes.

Hard Clams

-Called northern quahog, hardshell clam, littleneck clams. Sold live in shell, fresh-shucked, canned, and frozen. Often added to other products like sauces and soups.